Black Max Series

Black Max Series
Bogen's Black Max amplifiers are designed to provide maximum performance in constant voltage speaker systems. Dual 70V transformer-less outputs deliver exceptionally clean, full bandwidth audio to speaker systems. Up to 1200 watts of total output power on two separate channels of audio (up to 600W per channel/zone) are available in a single unit. High efficiency class H amplifier design and auto-sleep feature reduce power consumption on continuously-powered systems. Specifically designed for the fixed install market with features like: rear-mounted volume controls, independent Low Cut filters, independent input sensitivity switches, input channel link switch, and pluggable input screw terminals. Built-in power sequencing for controlling multiple Black Max amplifiers combats AC current in-rush problems of large audio systems. Massive power toroid and heat sinks; heavy 14-gauge chassis; Back-SlopeTM AC voltage stabilization; clip limiters; and DC voltage, over-current, and thermal protection circuits make this a true workhorse amplifier.
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SKU: X300
X300 300W Dual Channel Power Amplifier
SKU: X450
X450 450W Dual Channel Power Amplifier
SKU: X600
X600 600W per Channel Dual Channel Power Amplifier