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NEAR Speakers

NEAR Speakers
Metal Diaphragm Technology uses metal- alloy drivers (not paper and plastic) for extremely stable speaker cones, even after long periods of time. MDT is light- weight, strong, and produces natural sound, significantly better phase response, musical accuracy, and fine detail of sound with ultra-low distortion. Magnetic Liquid Suspension uses the speakers own magnetic field to precisely center the voice coil in the magnet gap. This eliminates the need for distortion-causing voice coil spiders found in conventional speakers and allows longer speaker excursion. A proprietary Ferrofluid seals the magnet gap and voice coil against moisture and corrosion and heatsinks the voice coil to the magnet structure for greater power handling, assuring long speaker life under difficult environmental conditions. With MLS, the centering actually becomes more accurate as the music becomes louder.

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