Professional Loudspeakers

Professional Loudspeakers
The AMT-15 and AMT-12 speakers are designed to deliver high-output music and sound reinforcement in a cost- efficient package. The AMT-15s robust 15-inch woofer offers rich, dynamic bass response down to 50 Hz. The 45mm compression driver diaphragm, comprised of a titanium alloy for added strength and rigidity, effortlessly handles the high input levels to match the woofer. A carefully designed crossover network accurately filters each driver for proper matching of phase and summation in the crossover region. The transition is much smoother than other loudspeakers in this class, making the sound more accurate and more realistic. The AMT-12 combines the same high-output compression driver used in the AMT-15 with a high-sensitivity 12-inch woofer designed to maximize output. Slightly smaller and lighter, the AMT-12 can still fill larger rooms with plenty of power and with very accurate sound.

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AMT-12 12 inch Woofer 45mm Compression Driver 23 x 16-1/4 x 13 inch
AMT-15 15 inch Woofer 45mm Compression Driver 27 x 19 x 15 inch