24-6040-9703 Series SN60PB40 285 RMA Core Solder Wire 1LB Spool

SKU: 24-6040-9703
Manufacturer: Kester Solder
Manuf Part#: 24-6040-9703

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Kester 285 mildly activated rosin flux is classified as Type ROL0 flux under IPC J-STD-004. This flux was formerly classified as Type RMA per QQ-S-571. Kester 285 consists of high quality, purified rosin to which a synergistic combination of activating agents has been incorporated. The fluxing ability of 285 is much greater than ordinary mildly activated rosin fluxes and is comparable to fully activated rosin fluxes. Kester 285 has been developed for use in the electronic industry where difficult assemblies are to be soldered, but process requirements stipulate use of a mildly activated rosin flux.

  • Performance Characteristics:
    • Industry standard RMA cored wire
    • Compatible with leaded and lead-free alloys
    • Classified as ROL0 per J-STD-004
  • Diameters Available
    • .015 28awg 66/285 24-6040-9703
    • .062 16awg 66/285 24-6040-9711
    • .031 21awg 58/285 24-6040-9713
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