04-SWP2509C 1/4 inch x 100 foot Natural Polyethylene Spiral Wrap

SKU: 04-SWP2509C
Manufacturer: NTE Electronics
Manuf Part#: 04-SWP2509C
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04-SWP2500C 1/4 inch x 100 foot Spiral Wrap

  • Designed to Hold and Protect Cables, Harnesses, and Hoses
  • Allows Flexibility while Providing Secure Bundling
  • Quick and Easy to install due to Flexible Polyethylene Construction
  • Heavy Duty Wall Thickness Provides Greater Resistance to Abrasions and Vibrations
  • Breakout at Any Point
  • .1875  inch to 2.0 inch Expanded Bundle Range
  • Natural Polyethylene
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operating Temperature Rating: −605 to +885C (−765 to +1905F)