1555.N0750.18 3/4 inch NPT Cable Dia: 11.0 to 18.0mm

SKU: 1555.N0750.18
Manufacturer: American Electrical
Manuf Part#: 1555.N0750.18
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1555.N0750.18 3/4 inch NPT Cable Dia: 11.0 to 18.0mm 35mm long

• Wider Domed Nut Which Can Not Be Over-Tightened.
The wide dome design allows space for the neoprene seal to form a tight grip on the cable, forming an IP68 barrier.

• Generous Deep Flats
The deep flats allow enough room for the proper wrench to tighten or loosen the cable grip without the wrench coming off.

• Spacer
A small spacer exists between the domed nut and the locking collet, providing an additional seal when fully tightened.

• Neoprene Rubber Seal
This seal grips around the cable to form the IP68 barrier when properly tightened.

• Webs Are Staggered For Better Grip
Webs are designed in an alternating geometry which enhances gripping capability.

• Staggered Webs
The web design is staggered to allow for seal conformity around the cable to maximize the pull out resistance and protection against the elements.

• Sprung Webs
The webs are designed so that they will spring back to their original open position making installation easy while maintaining the seal quality.

• Retention Springs For Domed Nut
The ‘Tight Seal’ design allows the domed nut to lock with the collet before any threads are engaged. This guards against misthreads as well as aids in the installation process.