15064200-Set 4-Way Deutsch DT Series Receptacle Assembly

SKU: 15064200-Set
Manufacturer: DelCity
Manuf Part#: DT04-4PA, W4P, 1060-14-0122
Quantity: 40+75+150+
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15064200-Set 4-Way Deutsch DT Series Receptacle Assembly

The DEUTSCH DT Series sealed receptacle housings make up half of the complete DT Series system connection. The receptacles are designed with thermoplastic housings and silicone rear wire and interface seals, which make them extremely durable and able to withstand exposure to moisture and a wide temperature range. They have an IP68 immersion rating and show no defects after 100 cycles of engagement and disengagement.

  • Complete a Receptacle assembly Includes
    • One (1) 4-way Receptacle Housing 15064200 DT04-4PA
    • One (1) 4-way Receptacle Wedge 15164200 W4P
    • Four (4) 16-14 Awg or 18-16 Awg Receptacle Pin Contacts
      • 16-14 Awg Stamped and Formed 15601422 1060-14-0122
      • 18-16 Awg Stamped and Formed 15601622 1060-16-0122
  • Three (3) Sealing Plugs 15114017 114017-ZZ
  • Sealing Plugs can be used in place of any unoccupied socket contact.
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to 125°C (-67°F to 257°F).
  • IP68 immersion rating.
  • Accepts size 16 contacts (14-20 ga, 13 amps).
  • Integrated latch for mating.