1584T6DH6 15A 125V 6 5-15R-HG Hospital-Grade Outlet Strip

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Manufacturer: Hammond Manufacturing
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1584T6DH6 15A 125V 6 5-15R-HG Hospital-Grade Outlet Strip

  • 6 Front Facing 5-15R-HG Outlet, 6 Foot Cord Length
  • Featuring a sturdy aluminum extruded case with a distinctive black powder paint coated steel cover.
  • Designed to meet the special requirements for institutional and chronic care use with “Hospital Grade” white receptacles, line cord and plug.
  • These devices are intended for non-patient connected indoor applications to providing power to electronic equipment.
  • These devices are not intended to be used to supply power to life-support appliances, and not for use in critical care environments.
  • Exceeds NEMA requirements for low leakage ground return and for withstanding impact or continuous physical shock without loss of grounding path continuity when plugged into properly grounded source receptacles.
  • The white "Hospital Grade" receptacles are securely fastened onto the housing and interconnected with  solidly bonded bus bars. All bus bars are double connected with a convection pressure sensitive clamp and safety screw. 
  • Perfect for ground sensitive audio applications!
  • An additional grounding stud is provided on the case for any further external grounding requirements.
  • Mounting feet (with keyhole slots) allow temporary work station mounting if desired.


  • Heavy duty 14 gauge cord - 14/3 SJT for extreme temperature ranges and integral clear molded “Hospital Grade” plug.
  • Receptacles are NEMA 5-15R-HG.
  • Complete with a 15 amp, 125 volt resettable circuit breaker to prevent accidental line overload.
  • CSA certified, Standards C22.2 (No. 21-95 and No. 42-99), CSA Cord Sets No. 8 (Hospital Grade Powerbars).
  • TUVus certified to UL60601-1 (medical grade) and UL 1363 (relocatable power taps).
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