113211500 25Pk 300 MCM 150mm 32mm Insulated Wire Ferrule

SKU: 113211500
Manufacturer: American Electrical
Manuf Part#: 113211500, 113221500, 113231500
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113211500 25Pk 300 MCM 150mm 32mm Insulated Wire Ferrule

Apart from giving a high quality appearance, ferrules also ensure the reliability of the connection and installation. Click to see the video on selecting and attaching a wire ferrule:
  • Advantages of wire ferrules:
    • Easy insertion of wire into terminal
    • Prevents flare out of stripped, stranded wire
    • Improved connection reliability
  • Wire ferrules with plastic insulating collars
    • Simple identification of the circuit and voltage based on the color of the insulated collar
    • Additional insulation helps to isolate and protect against unwanted contact with electrical circuits
  • Color Codes:
    • Din Type: Yellow 113211500
    • T Type: Yellow 113221500
    • W Type: Yellow 113231500
  • Does not Conform to DIN 46228 part 4
  • Cross Reference:
    • Altech 27890
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