Crimp Pistol 24-10awg Wire Ferrule Hand Crimping Tool

SKU: Crimp Pistol
Manufacturer: American Electrical
Manuf Part#: Crimp Pistol 24-10
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Crimp Pistol Wire Ferrule Hand Crimping Tool

  • Automatic adjustment to wire cross sections
  • Continuous precision crimp over the full length of the ferrule
  • Full cycle ratchet operation (with release) assuring a complete crimp
  • Perfect fit to the ergonomics of the hand
  • Worldwide first crimping tool with this form and design
  • Patented crimp technology
  • Supplied from our in-house production
  • Cross-Section: 0.25 to 6.0mm
  • Crimp Type: Square
  • Wire Range: 24-10 Awg