1505ABHD1 50Pk Compression Male 6 GHz RG59 BNC Connector

SKU: 1505ABHD1
Manufacturer: Belden Wire and Cable
Manuf Part#: 1505ABHD1
GTIN#: 845671002362
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1505ABHD1 Compression Male 6 GHz RG59 BNC Connector

  • Pricing per package of 50
  • 1-piece compression RG-59 BNC HD Connector with polished nickel finish.
  • Designed specifically for brilliance broadcast and professional A/V coaxial cables, HD brilliance connectors maximize broadcast signal integrity, quality, performance and durability.
  • 1-piece design simplifies and speeds the installation by eliminating loose pins and sleeves.
  • Allows for repeatable and consistent installations every time while delivering return loss performance on par with more time consuming, traditional 3-piece designs.
  • Delivers signal performance with unsurpassed return loss performance, faster, easier installations, excellent durability and innovative features.
  • 1-piece compression technology is a fast and proven approach to a Belden end-to-end solution.
  • Comes with Belden's patented extended head knurl nut design for easy gripping when installing.
  • Color band also makes matching the proper connector with proper cable size simple