04-ESNF-125L 1/8 inch Diameter x 50 feet No Fray Expandable Sleeving

SKU: 04-ESNF-125L
Manufacturer: NTE Electronics
Manuf Part#: 04-ESNF-125L
GTIN#: 768249341345
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04-ESNF-125L 1/8 inch Diameter x 50 feet No Fray Expandable Sleeving

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  • No Fray Sleeving also known as Clean-Cut, or Cold Cut, is specifically designed not to fray when cut with scissors
  • It has some additional advantages over standard polyester sleeving and is softer and easier to use.
  • This product is ideal for field applications where access to a hot knife is difficult.
  • This new series also provides the same excellent anti-abrasion protection as standard sleeving
  • Highly Flame Retardant
  • Color: Black