04-0850RL0 100Pk 50lb 7.8in Releasable Nylon Cable Ties

SKU: 04-0850RL0
Manufacturer: NTE Electronics
Manuf Part#: 04-0850RL0, 04-0850RL9
GTIN#: 768249152644
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04-0850RL0, 04-0850RL9 50 Lb. Releasable Type 7.8 In Length Nylon Cable Ties 100/Bag

  • Temporary or Permanent Bundling allows for Quick Addition or Removal of Wires or Items
  • Strap Finger Release Latch allows easy Access but Reduces Snags Compared to Top Latch Style
  • Max Bundle diameter: 1.969" / 50.0mm
  • Color:
    • Black UV Rated 04-0850RL0
    • Natural 04-0850RL9