04-1150MH0 100Pk 50lb 11.7in # 10 Mounting Hole Cable Ties

SKU: 04-1150MH0
Manufacturer: NTE Electronics
Manuf Part#: 04-1150MH0, 04-1150MH9
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04-1150MH0, 04-1150MH9 50 Lb. 11.7 In Length Mounting Hole Type For #10 Screw Nylon Cable Ties 100Pk

  • Low Insertion and Pull Through Force
  • Advanced Pawl and Teeth Design
  • Angled Tail for Quicker Initial Insertion Alignment
  • Tail Finger Grips for Easier Handling and Tightening
  • Rounded Safety Edges Eliminate Insulation Damage
  • One Piece Design Allows for Quicker Mechanical Mounting and Reduced Cost
  • Secures and Positions Wire Bundles, Cables, Hoses, etc. to Panels or Other Surfaces with One Mechanical Fastener
  • Color:
    • Black UV Rated 04-1150MH0
    • Natural 04-1150MH9